Learn as you play through the exciting world of Stringtastic!


Stringtastic Beginners is an exciting collection of fun new compositions covering a wide range of musical styles composed by Mark Wilson and Paul Wood

These books have been designed for maximum flexibility.

  • Stringtastic Beginners for violin, viola, cello and double bass are fully integrated to work together in any combination.

  • The first nine tunes cover all of the rhythms used in the book, while building up bowing technique. The finger tunes can be learned once these rhythms are mastered.

  • Many tunes have fun lyrics to sing, helping to develop a strong sense of pitch and rhythm. Learners can try writing their own lyrics, too!

  • The first 20 tunes have more advanced parts that can be played once the pupils has learnt how to play their scale of D major​.

  • Every tune has two backing tracks to play along to, a piano-only backing track plus an enhanced, orchestrated track.